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Janus Project

Multiagent platform

It is strongly recommended to consider to code agents with the SARL Agent-Oriented Programming Language in place of directly coding in Java with Janus.

Janus Project

Janus is an open-source multi-agent platform fully implemented in Java 1.7. Janus enables developers to quickly create web, enterprise and desktop multiagent-based applications. It provides a comprehensive set of features to develop, run, display and monitor multiagent-based applications. Janus-based applications can be distributed across a network. Janus could be used as an agent-oriented platform, an organizational platform, and/or an holonic platform. It also natively manages the concept of recursive agents and holons.

Janus is jointly developed by the multiagent teams of the Laboratoire Systèmes et Transports and the Grupo de Investigación en Tecnologías Informáticas Avanzadas de Tucumán.

This is the new version of Janus fully reimplemented to support the SARL Agent-Oriented Programming Language (

Maven Artifact

Janus is available as a Maven artifact. The artifact is available on the Maven Central Repository. For using Janus in your Maven project, add the following dependency:


You should change the version number according to the version of your choice. The lastest version numbers could be found on the Maven Central Repository, or on the SARL Maven Repository.

About the Version Number of Janus

The version number of Janus follows a specific convention for its definition. This convention will permits you to select the appropriate version of the Janus runtime environment for the targeted SARL specification.

The version number is composed of 4 numbers, optionally followed by the -SNASPHOT flag. The semantic of these components is:

  1. the major version number of the Janus platform;
  2. the major version number of the SARL specification;
  3. the minor version number of the SARL specification; and
  4. the revision number of the Janus platform.
The -SNAPSHOT indicates a "under-development" version, i.e. it is not yet released.

Direct Download

The Janus platform may be directly download, even if it is recommend to use it through Maven (see above). Two versions are available:

Java API Documentation

The API documentation related to the Janus platform is composed of two parts:

The Java classes of the Janus platform are documented in the .

Frequently Asked Questions

The frequently asked questions related to the Janus platform are hosted by the SARL programming language website.

See the Frequently Asked Questions.


Sebastian RODRIGUEZ, Nicolas GAUD, Stéphane GALLAND.


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